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TD Overdrive or Test Drive Overdrive (known in Europe as Test Drive Overdrive: The Brotherhood of Speed) is the seventh installment in the Test Drive series. First released in 2002, and available for PlayStation 2, Xbox and Windows

The game also includes Atari's Pong as a minigame, which can be played while races are loading (though not in the European Windows version). One can play against the computer, or against the second player (during multi-player mode).


The game features various modes including Quick Race, Single Race and Underground, the game's main mode. Race mode includes circuit, cop chase and drag race.

The cars do not suffer damage and they can be painted pre-set or custom colors. There are 26 cars in total and 12 of the cars have police variations.

The game has a rock, rap and techno soundtrack consisting of ten artists and seventeen songs, they are played in races and on menus.

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