TOCA Touring Car Championship (called TOCA Championship Racing in the USA) is a racing video game released in late 1997 in Europe and Summer 1998 in the US, for Windows, PlayStation and Game Boy Color. It is developed by Codemasters and also published by Codemasters (Europe), additionally published by 3DO (USA) and Upstar (Japan). It is part of the TOCA Touring Car series.

Featuring all the licensed cars (not including privateers) and tracks from the 1997 British Touring Car Championship, the game was critically acclaimed by the European games press, especially on console, where it was widely considered the best in its genre until the release of Gran Turismo several months later.

Cars and driversEdit

Selecting a car places the player in the position of the first named driver for each team. That driver's name would then not appear in the race, and the player's name would appear instead.

The game also featured a pink Cadillac and a tank, two hidden cars which could be obtained by using a cheat code.


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