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You start off called Dark-Haired Knight (don't worry you get to change it to a proper name later) in a busy market talking to a Well Dressed Man, who is later referred to as Young Man Called Rictor (Rictor Lasanti).

Anyway, a Mysterious Woman asks to tell your fortune. Select your name and your date of birth. If you can't think of one go with his original name Alphonese Loeher.

She will ask you questions answer however you like.

1. "Bear which burden?"

a) Resolve 0, Fire

b) Truth -1, Wind

c) Sacrifice +1, Earth

d) Affection -1, Water

2. "Walk which path?"

a) Belief -1, N, Miracle

b) Freedom 0, N, Arbitration

c) Wealth 0, L, Embodiment of Desires

d) Longevity +1, C, Fist Fight

3. "Design which plan?"

a) Strife +1, Wind

b) Wisdom +1, Water

c) Hatred -1, Fire

d) Prosperity 0, Earth

4. "Swear which oath?"

a) Purity -1, Lawful

b) Revenge +1, Chaos

c) Victory +1, Neutral

d) Fuition 0, Chaos

5. "Share which vision?"

a) Sadness 0, Neutral

b) Mercy -1, Lawful

c) Bliss -1, Chaos

d) Terror +1, Lawful

6. "Shape which future?"

a) Glory +1, Fire

b) Peace 0, Water

c) Change 0, Wind

d) Control -1, Earth

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