Taito Legends is a compilation of 29 arcade games released for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC in October 2005. The games were originally developed by Taito Corporation. The European release was published by Empire Interactive, who had licensed the games from Taito and developed the compilation. The North American and South American releases were published by Sega, even though it is not mentioned anywhere in the actual CD-ROM. Similar compilations had been released earlier by Taito in its home market of Japan, under the names of Taito Memories Vol. 1 and Taito Memories Vol. 2.

The games on this compilation are emulations of their respective arcade originals; however, the software lacks light gun support for Operation Wolf, Operation Thunderbolt, and Space Gun. These games place a gun cursor on the screen, which the player can move around with the analog stick (console versions), or mouse (PC version).

Extra features include interviews with some of the game designers, original sales flyers, and arcade cabinet art.

Two follow-up compilations were issued; Taito Legends 2 for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC and the PlayStation Portable exclusive Taito Legends Power-Up.

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Taito Legends consists of the following 29 arcade games:

(Note: The seven games listed above have also appeared on the Japanese Taito Memories collections. The games listed below were previously exclusive to this collection, but with the exception of all games except Jungle Hunt, Colony 7, Electric YoYo, Zoo Keeper, and Tube It are now featured in the Japanese Taito Memories 2 collections.[1])

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Some individuals have criticized the fact that not only is there no way to configure the control options, the controls set for all the games have X (A on the Xbox) as the "attack" button, while square or circle (X or B on the Xbox) are the "jump" button. This is the opposite of the layout for most control setups based on the Super NES button layout, so in essence the controls are flipped, making it potentially uncomfortable and unnatural to many, less-adaptable players.

This is remedied in Taito Legends 2, as well as the PSP collection Taito Legends Power-Up. Unfortunately, only the Windows version of Taito Legends fixes this error.

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