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The Taito Z System is a 16-bit arcade system board released by Taito in 1987.[1] It was followed by an enhanced 32-bit upgrade, the Taito SZ System, in 1992.[2]


Taito SZ System

The Taito SZ System,[2] also known as the Taito 68020,[9] is an enhanced 32-bit upgrade of the Taito Z System.[2] It debuted with Gun Buster in 1992.[2] The SZ System includes the following upgraded specifications:

  • CPU:
  • Sound chips: Ensoniq sound chipset (ES5701, ES5510, ES5505) @ 16–30.47618 MHz[9]
  • GPU: Taito custom chipset @ 40 MHz[2]
    • TC0480SCP Tilemap Generator
    • TC0570SPC Object Chip[9]
    • TC0260DAR Pallette Controller[12][13]
  • Display: Single monitor, dual-monitor[14]
    • Display resolution: 320×240 (single monitor)[2] to 640×240 (dual-monitor)
    • Colors on screen: 8192 (13-bit)[15] to 16,384 (14-bit)[16]
    • Color palette: 32,768 (15-bit) (single monitor)[2] to 65,536 (16-bit) (dual-monitor)
  • Tile layers: 4 scrolling tiled planes[17]
  • Sprite capabilities:[17]
    • Sprite sizes: 16×16, 32×32, 64×64
    • Colors per sprite: 16 (4-bit) to 256 (8-bit)
    • Sprites on screen: 8 bytes per sprite,[17] 8 KB (8192 bytes) sprite RAM,[2] 1024 sprites on screen
    • Sprite pixels/texels: 40 MHz video clock cycles,[2] 666,666 texels per frame (60 frames per second), 2604 texels per scanline (256 scanlines), 162 sprites per scanline (16-pixel width)
  • Memory:
    • RAM: 226 KB (128 KB main, 8 KB sprites, 2 KB sound, 64 KB TC0480SCP, 8 KB palette, 16 KB other)[2]
    • ROM: 9984.125–32,000.125 KB (1–2 MB main CPU, 256–512 KB sound CPU, 5–22 MB graphics, 512–768 KB user, 3–6 MB Ensoniq, 128 bytes EEPROM, 256 KB optional sub-RAM)[15][16]

Taito Z System games

Taito SZ System games

The following games were released for the Taito SZ System / Taito 68020 hardware:[2][9]


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