A desert of whitish potassium salts and reddish iron oxides, Taitus is far enough away from its parent star to have a tolerable surface temperature. Though it only has a trace atmosphere of carbon dioxide and oxygen, it is still hospitable enough for criminals in the Terminus Systems to use it as a staging base. Turian patrols sometimes fly through the area, looking to pre-empt jailbreak attempts on maitrum's prisons.

TRAVEL ADVISORY: Unregistered starships have been spotted in the vicinity of Taitus. Civilian travel is not recommended.


Surface scans detect one YMIR Heavy Mech signature matching an unknown (possibly pirate) registration. Mech appears to be disabled but broadcasting a looping message. Message does not appear to be a distress signal. Resource scans indicate large quantities of mineral resources available but obscured behind walls of dense stone.

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