For this page and pages copied from other sources, at what point after so many additions and edits, would we get rid of the disclaimer? Or should we leave it there indefinetly? -- Oddity 05:58, 31 August 2006 (PDT)

Dirt 3 

can anyone confirm pal dirt 3 works on ntsu-u console?

Layout Change

Hi there, i was thinking about a layout change of this article. We could include the game region flag of the game and divide Asian NTSC into two sections. The following is a quote from a textfile i found in usenet: "the first byte is unused, the 2nd byte is PAL, the 3rd byte is NTSC-J (bit 0 = Japan, bit 1 = asia), the 4th byte = NTSC-U)". Means that there are four possible region codes (Europe, USA, Japan, Rest of Asia).

Not sure where you get your information

I'm not sure where you get your information but half of it is BS. I own a US version 360 but am stationed in Germany......I bought COD4 only because your little thread said it was region free.......well its not!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and after checking 4 or five more of your games off of a friends PAL collection I have come to believe either you make this shit up or your just dumb. Thanks for contributing to the already overflowing shit information on the internet!

This stuff was taken from wikipedia before so if you find any errors change it instead of complaining. The info for COD 4 was added by an IP so you should check the source before deciding --Cs california 11:09, 28 November 2007 (PST)

bioshock pal version works on ntsc us console

im having serious doubts regarding the authenticity of this page.I dont understand where from these people compile such rubbish information. where has the author tested pal bioshock to not work on an ntsc us console. I stay in India my xbox 360(unmodded) is the halo 3 edition ntsc us console. i bought the pal version of bioshock(original) today and its working perfectly on my ntsc us xbox 360 . bioshock is totally region free as are many more xbox 360 games. the guys who submit such info should first test the games.If they cant they shouldnt post such random fake info. Bioshock pal is region free as is cod 4 pal(not the german version though). so please verify the info before it is posted here

Bioshock doesn;t work

I live now in Berlin Germany, I am American and own an NTSC-U system. I rented Bioshock and Turok last night both do not work on my system. - ( 08:37, 2 April 2008 (UTC))

Even though all german games are pal they are all region locked as the game needs to be censored and some content needs to be modified for the games to be released in germany. Thus almost all GERMAN xbox 360 games are REGION LOCKED. but if a game is region free in the other pal territories(uk,aus,nz),the games work in all consoles. I live in India .I have purchased my xbox 360 (halo 3 edition) from u.s.Its an ntsc us console.I Have purchased the pal version of bioshock from India(pal version uk/aus-Region free).& I can confirm that the pal version of bioshock works on my ntsc-u console & is region free —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs) 18:20, 5 April 2008 (UTC).

Earth Defence Force 2017

Can someone confirm that the PAL verison of this works on US consoles? If you can't confirm it, can the creator of this wiki verify how reliable this is?

Rock Band 2 NTSC doesn't work on PAL consoles

Hi. I got Rock Band 2 as a NTSC game from the United States. I tried it on my PAL console (I live in Luxembourg), but it didn't work. You could add this information. -- 20:44, 17 August 2009 (UTC)

Does GTA4 from netherland works with a ntsc xbox??

I just bought an NTSC xbox 360, and I´m going to travel for netherland and germany. I´ve already saw that the games from Germany won´t work, but I´m not really sure that the one from netherland will certainly work.


Anyone know if the PAL version of Assassin's creed 2 works on NTSC/US systems?

Answer: I own an NTSC/US console and PAL Assassin's Creed (1, 2 and Brotherhood) works on it

Soul Calibur IV PAL works on NTSC/UC

A Soul Calibur IV PAL copy I purchased in Poland works fine on my NTSC x-box. I haven't tried the online multiplayer yet though.

Some Cross-Region Testing

Hi all!

Just recently acquired a UK PAL X360 in addition to an existing NTSC/J one. Will be running some quick cross-region tests between the two based on the titles already owned, and post my findings here.

Kindly note the following limitations/test parameters:-

1. Tests only run up to "loading/initial running" only. As long as the intro screens commence their animation sequence - and no "wrong region message" pops up to prevent further access, I'd consider that as a "pass". Don't really have the time to fully run-in a game especially those that have already been "over and done with".

2. Where I specify a region as being only "NTSC" and not "NTSC/U" etc, that's based on the discs used in the tests. I simply "post what I see" (on the side of the jewel case). If it's already concluded that "NTSC" (only) means "NTSC/U", then kindly forgive me please! :)

Have a good gaming experience everyone!


All AC games are region free but the PAL version of Brotherhood is not?? Can someone please confirm that? 12:52, December 31, 2010 (UTC)

A: I play PAL Brotherhood on a NTSC-U console, so this is falce.

A2: The PAL GOtY version of Assassin`s Creed II does not work on NTSC/U consoles. I bought one trusting this list and it accused the game being of a different region. The same happened with Brotherhood. I`ve tested on my friend's console (Xbox 360 Slim) and it didn't work either. I ask for people to do not edit the page unless absolutely sure if the game works or not, I've wasted a substantial amount buying AC2:GOtY and AC:B only to find they both were region locked.

@A2: You sure your not using a german PAL version? I've been playing PAL AC, AC2, AC2:GotY and AC:B on my NTSC/U "slim" console, works like a charm.

@A2: I just bought the pal GotY AC2, and it does NOT work on an NTSC/J console.

So, what's the final word on that ? I'm about to order on amazon uk, AC2 GOTY and AC Brotherhood Classics for my NTSC/U console.

Is it gonna work ? So many different comments...

Tricky way to get games

Can have an american account on a PAL Console and buy games from the american account on PAL console from Xbox live ? Is it the format with ntsc to pal the same on xbox live in downloadable form ?!!

RE: I brought my PAL console to US and I changed region to US, so I can buy games. On an occasion, I've loged in to my EU account and purchased Lego Indiana Jones (part 1). Everything works fine.

Wiewioor (talk) 02:02, June 1, 2015 (UTC)Wiewioor

Sesame Street Once Upon A Monster


Anyone know if the NTSC/US version of Sesame Street Once Upon A Monster works on PAL systems? 14:44, October 25, 2011 (UTC)D

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Limited Edition

I have the PAL version and it works fine on NTSC/J. Text updated.

I bought Dead Space 2 in Italy (PAL) and it did not work in my NTSC/U xbox 360.


I really want to get FIFA 13 soon. Can anyone please confirm whether FIFA 13 is region free or not, thanks


This page's name is using the wrong grammar. The correct title should be "Region-free Xbox 360 games". Can you please fix this? Four What was that? 00:04, November 21, 2012 (UTC)

Is Assassin's Creed II GOTY region free?

Is Assassin's Creed II GOTY region free? i know assassin's creed II is region free but its goty includes dlcs merged in the game disc and dlcs are always region locked. please if anyone knows the right answer then please tell me you will really make my holidays a great one. thanks! :) cheers! :)

Regarding german games, where does the info come from?

Hello guys!

As a frenchman recently arrived in Hong Kong with 2 years' worth of backlog on x360, I brought around 60 games and my hdd with me here, hoping to catch up :)

Unfortunately I'm afraid most of them won't work with a local console (probably nsct j right?), and i can't seem to find people selling a PAL system here, so I may have to buy another xbox when I go back home for christmas.

What's more, a good proportion of my games (bought on zavvi and the likes) are printed in Germany (they have that little telltale USK sign). Do you think they have even less chances to be region free because of that? What is the basis of the disclaimer posted on top of the list regarding german games? Is it a compilation of several individual people reporting issues or a msft tech statement?



Prototype 2

PAL version (not sure what country) works on NTSC U snoxer (talk) 01:48, June 24, 2014 (UTC)

Splitting Page

Given the large amount of content here, I'm debating splitting the page into at least groups of alphabet letters i.e. A-D, E-G, etc, so as to ease editing and page viewing for mobile users.--TwoTailedFox (talk) 23:52, May 31, 2015 (UTC)

Hey all, fist timer here, and I don't want to mess up the form on the main page: If one of you people could update the table with the entries below, thank you:

I brought my PAL region Xbox360 to the Philippines, where they sell NTSC games (mainly NTSC-J but also NTSC-U, it seems). I just got a few games for it, results are pleasing:

Batman: Arham City

Disneyland Adventure

Just Dance 3

Dance Central 3

Zumba Fitness

Kinect Adventures

The Gunstringer

These all work fine, and all are NTSC-J  :-)

One game failed and I got a "wrong region" message. I have to double-check it because the game name is in Japanese, but I think it's Your Shape - Fitness Evolved 2012.

Hope this helps!

Sljivovica (talk) 03:59, February 10, 2016 (UTC)

Sljivovica corrections

Hey again, I have to correct  a few things:

My Zumba Fitness - Join the Party, Disneyland Adventures and Batman - Arkham City are all just "NTSC", and not NTSC-J.

Oh, and confirmed; it's "Your Shape 2" that does not work

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