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Tamagotchi: Party On! puts a unique twist on the 3D board-game genre, as you and as many as three rivals are running for president of Tamagotchi Planet. The planet is essentially your playing board. Winning a minigame ups either your money or popularity. Spend your winnings on customizing campaign headquarters or items. You can also bet against your rivals in slot games.


  • Choose your favorite Tamagotchi and swing, shake, point, turn and twist the Wii Remote to play the game!
  • Turn the whole Tamagotchi Planet into your playing board: Explore unique towns and other fun locations within the quirky world of Tamagotchi as you advance
  • Have fun and be popular: Engage in more than 15 exciting minigames that will test your interactive skills and earn you popularity points and badges to jump start your race to become the President
  • Easy to pick up and play: The 3D board-game gameplay allows you and your friends to pick up and understand the game with ease.

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