Targ is an arcade game released in 1980. It was followed by Spectar.


You control the Wummel, a small car that can move at two speeds all around a maze of blocks known as Crystal City. You are to destroy a wave of 10 Targ ships that move around and attempt to ram into your Wummel unless you destroy them first. Occasionally a Spectar Smuggler will emerge and roam around, giving you bonus points for its destruction. The round ends when you destroy all Targ ships, and the next round begins with a new wave of Targ ships that are more devious than the last round's wave. If you take too long to destroy all the Targ ships in the wave, the remaining ones will get faster until they are faster than your Wummel.


An Atari 2600 version of this game was developed by CBS Games, but was never released. Instead, TeleGames marketed it as Universal Chaos.

This game along with several other games by Exidy were allowed by the copyright owners of the games to be released as ROM images and played on M.A.M.E. free of charge.