Targa Tasmania: The Game is an upcoming racing video game by Australian developer Dozycow. It is based on the Targa Tasmania rally. The game was first announced on October 30, 2009 at the eGames Expo in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.[1] and will be released in 2010.


Targa Tasmania: The Game involves players taking control of either a Classic or Modern Australian motor vehicle and competing to achieve the best time on either of the 40 stages from the 2010 Targa Tasmania rally. In Single-player mode the player can race as either the driver or as the navigator with an AI driver. In Multiplayer mode the player can race as either the driver or the navigator in co-op within the same vehicle.[2]


Adam Schofield of Dozycow has said the game will "fall somewhere between an arcade and simulation" racing game.[3] Targa Tasmania organisers Octagon state that in the future, competitors will be able to recce the iconic stages of Targa Tasmania in preparation for the real event.[4]

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