Taria de Castillo is a character from Mace: The Dark Age.
Taria de Castillo


The daughter of Malanoche de Castillo: The Duke of Iberia, Taria was born what is known as under a dark moon, it was prophesied as being able to bring down Asmodeous. Because of this, Asmodeous had ordered Malanoche to hand over this child who is the symbol of this prophecy, but Malanoche in an act of insubordination, gave Asmodeous his son: Taurus instead. Throughout her life, Taria has studied black magic and can harness it very well, growing stronger with new powers to learn and has learned many ways of black magic from sorcery to being able to travel to demonic realms until eventually not even the powerful of mages can best her. Only Asmodeous stands between her and absolute power, she sets out to fight and defeat Asmodeous and capture the Mace.

Good Ending

Taria has defeated Asmodeous and claimed the Mace. With the Mace, Taria has become the most powerful being to have ever have lived. With the millions of sould crying out to her and the powers of hell surrounding her, her human visage has burned away, now she lives forever as a grotesque demon who now rules over the nether regions with a despotic outlook.

Bad Ending

Taria's magic wasnt as powerful as she once thought as it wasn't enough to fight against Asmodeous and the rest of the Covenant of Seven. For her actions, Asmodeous condemns Taria to be his mistress, forcing her to please him but also work her black magic. Tired of being a servant to Asmodeous, she tries for years to work up a magic spell that can help her claim the Mace from Asmodeous, in every of her failed attempts at claiming the Mace, Asmodeous eventually banishes Taria to an island where she rules over nothing.

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