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Designated by the Shadow Broker as an Eezo Rich Planet.

Tarith is broadly Earth-like, with a fatal flaw; it has a relatively high amount of chlorine in its atmosphere, the reason for the greenish haze that becomes apparent when looking at the horizon. Chlorine has become a vital component in Tarinth's plant life; as a defense mechanism against native herbivores, many species evolved the ability to release clouds of toxic chlorine when disturbed. This gas is heavier than the atmospheric oxygen, and tends to settle in low places. While avoidable, this has placed Tarith near the bottom of the lists for colonization.

There are intermittent signals originating in the heart of a large chlorine swamp. They appear to be coded, though it is not impossible that they are garbled distress signals from a downed civilian ship.

Mass Effect 2-specific


Preliminary scans indicate a high-powered communications relay on the planet. Communications match known Blood Pack mercenary protocols. A concentration of krogan and vorcha signals are massed inside what appears to be a mining operation. Life signs detected. Unknown species. Advise caution.

Facts about "Tarith"RDF feed
Atmospheric Pressure0.84 Earth Atmospheres +
Day Length27.7 Earth Hours +
DisplayNameTarith +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect 2 + and Mass Effect 3 +
NameTarith +
NamePageTarith +
NamesTarith +
Orbital Distance7.8 AU +
Orbital Period16.7 Earth Years +
PageNameTarith +
PageTypeElement +
Radius5,677 km +
Surface Gravity0.87 G +
Surface Temperature294.15 K (21 °C, 69.8 °F, 529.47 °R) +

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