Taunt is used to provoke an enemy into dropping his guard for a short time.

Check: The DC is a concentration check made by the target against the character's Taunt skill roll. It is considered an attack. If the taunt is successful, the opponent suffers an Armor Class penalty equal to the difference between the taunt roll and the defender's roll (to a max of a -6 penalty) for 5 rounds. The target will also suffer a 30% chance of spell failure, if they don't resist the taunt.

Special: Standing still provides a +5 bonus to a Listen check. A character with the Alertness feat gains a +2 bonus on Listen checks. Rangers gain a bonus when Listening against a favored enemy. Elves, gnomes, and halflings gain a +2 racial bonus to Listen checks. Half-elves receive a +1 racial bonus.

Special: Taunt penalties are not cumulative.

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