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Team Buddies is a shooter that was developed by Psygnosis Camden Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment and Midway Games, it was released for the PlayStation on September, 2000. The game had a limited release. Despite the unpopularity, the game developed a cult following. Nowadays, the game is considered one of the most rarest game ever since its small number of copies.


The game is simular to the Worms series and a plain real-time strategy game. The games theme is the ability of a team of buddies to stack crates in a 2x2x2 pad located in the games starting area. When stacking the crates in different ways make different items when the resulting larger crate is broken; for example, a single crate on a stacking pad produces a light weapon, four crates positioned horizontally makes a heavy weapon. Filling the pad makes a vehicle. There are eight original worlds and many sets. There are 4 game modes, Deathmatch, Domination, Capture and Bomball. In multiplayer mode, there are different skins to unlock.

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