Wall hub cc3
Wall hub:
Walls are used to provide protection for vital base structures, especially from enemy infantry units.

CC3 Viceroid
This creature is a result of an odd type of Tiberium mutation. A visceroid is neutral and attacks anything close to it by spraying chemicals at its target.

Mutant hovel cc3
Mutant Hovel
Capturing this structure allows the recruitment of the Mutant Marauders.

Mutant cc3
Mutant Marauder
These are strong infantry that heal in Tiberium and are armed with chain guns that are good against both air and ground units.

Spike cc3
Tiberium Spike
Capturing a Tiberium Spike allows a steady flow of resources for the owner. The destruction of a Tiberium Spike makes the surrounding ground full of Tiberium.

Tiberium silo cc3
Tiberium Silo
Capturing this gives a one time bonus amount of resources.

Subway hub cc3
Subway Hub
Capturing a Subway Hub allows use of the underground subway systems and friendly units can enter and exit Subway Entrances.

Subway entrance cc3
Subway Entrance
With a Subway Hub, players can move units from one entrance to another.

Expansion pt cc3
Expansion Point
Allows base expansion around this structure if captured.

Reinforcements cc3
Reinforcement Bay
Provides additional reinforcements if captured.

EMP control cc3
EMP Control Center
Having control of the EMP center allows use of an EMP strike that temporarily disables buildings and vehicles in its radius.

Defense tower cc3
Defensive Tower
Having control of one of these provides additional ground defense within its range.

Husk cc3
Walker Husks
When any walker unit (Avatar Warmech, Purifier, Juggernaut, Behemoth, Reaper Tripod, or Annhilator Tripod) is defeated, it drops down on the ground and remains neutral. If an engineer is sent into a husk, the unit is recovered for the player at half health.

Drum cc3
Fuel Drum
When shot, the Fuel Drum explodes and damages all around it.

Crate cc3
A crate gives a random bonus. It can give a single promotion, full repair, a unit, reveal shroud in the area, random credits, or 1000 credits.

Garrisons cc3
Garrison buildings
Some infantry can be sent into buildings for cover. They can fire out of a garrisoned building further than if not garrisoned. Buildings provide more protection, but the units inside might all be lost if a grenade or flamethrower is used against the building.

Bridge gatehouse cc3
Bridge Gatehouse
An engineer can be sent into the bridge gatehouse to repair a broken bridge. A demolition charge can also be placed on it by Nod's engineers to detonate when enemy units cross and units with C4 charges can demolish the bridges from the gatehouse.

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