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Population: 33,810 spread across five space stations.

A hydrogen-helium gas giant, Tefnut is home to a helium-3 collection and the nearest refueling facility to the Nubian Expanse's mass relay. As such, it is a major gateway to the Verge and Terminus Systems, and has become famous for its hospitality industry. Tefnut's motto is known throughout the galaxy: "Like home, only better."

Visitors here can stay at expansive resort stations, watch locally-produced entertainment, buy mind-affecting substances not welcome in Citadel space, and rent companionship. Resources are shipped in from Yamm at substantial discounts, allowing the small space stations to have surprising luxuries such as edible arthropods and large amounts of fresh water.

Facts about "Tefnut"RDF feed
Day Length8.8 Earth Hours +
DisplayNameTefnut +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect 2 + and Mass Effect 3 +
NameTefnut +
NamePageTefnut +
NamesTefnut +
Orbital Distance4.1 AU +
Orbital Period8.3 Earth Years +
PageNameTefnut +
PageTypeElement +
Population33,810 +
Radius57,010 km +

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