Tekken is a fighting game franchise made by Namco. The series first debyted in 1994 when Tekken was released on Arcades. Later the series has been seen on PlayStation consoles until Tekken 6, which is going to multi-platform for the first time ever, with PlayStation 3, X-Box 360 and PlayStation Portable releaases.


The game pits two characters against each other. The first one to drain the opponent's health meter to zero wins. Usually it is played best of three with 60 seconds, but it is possible to set different round counts and time limits for rounds. Controls are very simple: Four action buttons represents character's limbs. X-button is for left kick, Circle button is for right kick, Square button is for left punch and Triangle button is for right punch. This makes the game easily approacable, but yet difficult to master. Throws can be executed by pressing X+Circle or Square+Triangle simulatenously. Some characters have more throws with different inputs. The pinnacle of the series has often been told to be Tekken 3. It got side step, which managed to add more strategy to the game and more depth. Tekken Tag Tournament introduced the Tag System, but has only appeared in Tekken Advance besides in Tekken Tag Tournament. Both of these games are non-canon Tekken games. Tekken 4 was first to introduce wall combos and a Story Mode, which focuses on each characters' story. Tekken 6 has introduced over five new gameplay elements to the series, while all features from Tekken 5 and Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection are in the game. First new element to the gameplay is called Bound. After the opponent has been slammed from the air to the ground(with a attack that has such propery), the opponent bounces on the floor, which makes possible even further combos. Players cannot tech out of this. The second one is called Rage mode. When player's health is on very low(approximately 15 %), the player gets glowing fists(red by default), marking the Rage mode. In this mode the player deals approximately 1.1 more damage than he/she normally would. Third and fourth elements are floor breaks and wall breaks. In some stages it is possible to break through certain part of a stage(e.g. glass). Usually this is triggered by launching the opponent to the air and slamming him/her down to the floor break-area. The opponent bounds after players land. Some stages have walls, where the player can strike the opponent through. The opponent doesn't get bounded from this one. The fifth new addition is called Item Move. This is completely optional, but can aid help in battle. Players need to customise certain item(s) in order to perform this move. They often referred as hard to pull off, and have some humorous style. Some of these Item Moves can do some damage, e.g. Bryan Fury's shotgun or minigun.

Combos have always been an important aspect of Tekken's gameplay. Mastering different juggles and combos are one step closer to the victory.

Tekken 6 is the next Tekken coming to consoles. The console version will be based on Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion, an upgrade similar to Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection.

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