Teraburst is a classic 'shoot-em-up' arcade game made by Konami in 1998.


The game is set in 2017. An invasion of UFOs has appeared and started to invade Earth. You are charged to blast the aliens back into outer space with a hand-held, recoiling machine gun, homing missiles and Napalm bombs. The game progresses through four stages of aliens.


Teraburst, during its brief appearance in motorway service stations in the UK, was mainly played by first time players and a hard-core elite of seasoned players who would sometimes drive for up to three hours in order to find an active arcade. The rarity of these arcades, and the brief popularity that they attained, led to many players spending upwards of a thousand pounds to keep the top-score on the consoles. At one point in 1999 an older gamer, Dr Patrick Bell (WIG) of Dulwich, attained the top score on all of the Teraburst arcades in the UK bar one in a Little Chef in Cumbernauld, off the A80 in Scotland, which was the only Teraburst arcade not encompassed by his trademark WIG topscore name.