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A hydrogen-helium gas giant with an abundance of nitrogen in its atmosphere, Terapso was notable because of its independence from the government of Chalkhos as well as from any other governing body. As a result, its colonized moons and orbital stations overseeing the helium-3 recovery were neutral meeting grounds for all manner of deals between Terminus governments, warlords, or crime figures.

The Reapers appear to have cursorily bombarded many of the moons and machinery here. It is possible there are survivors. No plans exist detailing the extensive tunnel networks that were under the moons' surfaces, but it is likely that without rescue or food shipments, any inhabitants will due off soon.

Facts about "Terapso"RDF feed
Day Length12.9 Earth Hours +
DisplayNameTerapso +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect 3 +
NameTerapso +
NamePageTerapso +
NamesTerapso +
Orbital Distance4.53 AU +
Orbital Period9.66 Earth Years +
PageNameTerapso +
PageTypeElement +
Radius63,374 km +

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