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TerraFire is a multidirectional shooter for MS-DOS. It was originally released on October 1, 1997[1] as shareware with a demo limiting the player to only the first 8 levels. However, in 2007 it was re-released as freeware.

The game is best called a shoot 'em up, but unlike most games of this genre, the player is free to move in any direction, with physics similar to the well-known arcade game Asteroids. Bullet patterns from enemies and obstacles are also far more sparse and predictable, and there are no bosses. The game has a total of 27 levels, where every fourth level is a bonus level which is a direct clone of the aforementioned Asteroids. The normal levels, which scroll both horizontally and vertically and wrap horizontally, have gravity and are completed by finding a nuke and dragging it out of the top of the level.

TerraFire uses pre-rendered 3D graphics and full animation, making it very graphically detailed for its time and system.


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