Terra Volta

All of Paragon's power comes from here.

Official NameTerra Volta
Level Range23-29
Zone TypeTrial
Area1.17 square miles
Arena Access?No
Task Force
Strike Force
TrialRespec trial (contacts in Independence Port, 24-33, Founder's Falls, 34-43, and the Rikti Crash Site, 44-50)
Hero Corp Field Analyst
Fortunata Fateweaver
Zone Events
Monster Spawns
Hero Groups
Villain Groups* Devouring Earth
* Freakshow
* The Lost
* Sky Raiders
Districts* Terra Volta Reactor
* Carter Engineering
* Walker Energy
* Challenger Technology
* Coroman Manufacturing
* Raysun Petroleum
* Savage Waste Disposal
* Rogers Industries
* Gordon Trench
Exploration Badges* Conjunction Junction: 2222, 0, -7100
* Meltdown: 1119, 722, -3080
* Nervous Dreck: 4456, 0, -6123
History Plaques* Authority Plaque 5: 351, 196, -3605, Wall Mounted
* Researcher Plaque 6: 2090, 8, -6055, Wall Mounted
* Historian Plaque 4: 2875, 100, -3972, Pedestal
* Historian Plaque 5: -636, 5, -6188, Pedestal
Connected Zones* Independence Port


Enclosed within the larger zone of Independence Port is the island of Terra Volta. It has long been one of the heaviest industrial areas in Paragon City, and is also home to the city's nuclear reactor, source of all of Paragon's energy. Keep in mind, the only thing that keeps Paragon safe are the War Wall force fields. And those force fields are powered from here. As one might imagine, this makes it an extremely appealing target to many groups. The zone is mostly dominated by the Sky Raiders, who are always looking for equipment to steal. It's also possible to find Devouring Earth and Freakshow, who hate and love industrial areas respectively. The zone is notoriously hard for speedsters to get around in, due to the large concrete canyons, but with some practice it's not too difficult to navigate.

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