Terrawars: New York Invasion is a sci-fi first-person shooter computer game developed by Ladyluck Digital Media, first released by Tri Synergy on June 28, 2006. Designed for PCs running on Microsoft Windows, the game uses the Lithtech Jupiter engine used in No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way. The game is widely known[citation needed] as the first ever first person shooter designed by Filipinos.

The player assumes the role of John Armstrong, a medical student with the National Guard who must repel an alien invasion. The development team took about 5000 digital photos of Downtown New York and used many references about Manhattan to replicate the real-life locations in-game.

Gameplay Edit

Terrawars heavily uses scripted sequences, platforming, and cutscenes, it also has 14 levels each depicting a part of New York.

Some of the weapons in the game:

Kabar 7.62 combat knife- Combat Knife

M4 assault rifle- Assault rifle

M40A3 sniper rifle- Sniper rifle

M249 Light Machine gun- Machine gun

SMAW missile launcher- Launcher

OICW or Object Individual Combat Weapon

Weapons can be upgraded using biomatter, green goo inside a canister, which is found scattered throughout out the game

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The game was met with universally negative reviews. The game's sound, graphics, and gameplay was criticized all around.[1][2][3]

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