Amiga tutorial

Terrorpods Amiga screenshot

Amiga screenshot

At the start of the game, press D. This deploys the drover which may be used to navigate across the map without costing fuel. This will be very important, as the rate of resources is on the low side.

With the drover deployed, move it towards an installation, and press 'T'. This opens the trade system, which allows you to exchange resources with a building. In general, you will want to do most trades with the mining installations or with the resource centers. You can identify the nature of the building by holding the left mouse button over it.

From time to time, the mothership at the top will fire a missile at you. You can normally use the shield to deflect this, but this is a waste of resources. Instead, dodge the attack with the drover deployed.

You should also see three-legged enemies moving around as well. These are the terrorpods. To take them out, press E to load a warhead (costing 1000 detonite), and A to start aiming. Get the main reticule to the terrorpod, and fire the missile. Once it is fired, you are shown drift indicators that must be kept within the targeting inner reticule. If it drifts too far away, the missile will harmlessly detonate. if it connects, the terrordrone will be disabled.

You will also see fast moving enemies. These are spoilers and drain resources from installations. Press W to switch to weapon mode, and left click to destroy a spoiler.

While in weapon mode, you can right-click to rebuild a building. Press 'W' again to return to normal mode (where you can identify objects).

Finally, you can use the radio by pressing 'R' for a general broadcast, or right-clicking an object in identification mode. Enter the following 4-letter code for a quick benefit, each of which may only be used three times:

  • "INDE" ** Installation indestructible (makes it immune to attacks)
  • "RACO" ** Re-activate current object (rebuilds an object)
  • "DMTO" ** Defensively mine the object (kills a terrordrone attacking the object)
  • "EFRS" Emergency Fuel Rod supply (+1000 fuel)
  • "EDES" Emergency DETONITE supply (+1000 detonite)
  • "EZES" Emergency ZENITE supply (+1000 zenite)
  • "EQUS" Emergency QUAZA supply (+1000 quaza)

Once you are comfortable with the controls, you now need to start trading.

  • Quaza is useful for rebuilding structures.
  • Zenite can be used for shield, but you should instead sell it for maximum profit. Sell them at colony 2, 4, or 8 for fuel or detonite.
  • Aluma is required to manufacture terrorpod components.
  • Fuel Rods allow you to move freely. However, you can still move using the drover.
  • Detonite is used for weapons.

The objective is to find the manufacturing plants, and supply them with Aluma. They need between 100-500 aluma to manufacture a part, and need an additional 100-500 to deliver it to your craft. The rate of mining will be slow. Expect to take some time (~1 hour) before you can collect sufficient Aluma from the resource centers, mines and mineral processing facilities.

After visiting all 6 manufacturing facilities and obtaining the component, you enter the endgame. The empire deploys 15 terrorpods on the planet, and you are then supplied with 18 missiles (with existing missiles being lost). The fuel stations are then filled, and you have to destroy the terrorpodswithin 8 minutes. If there is enough detonite available, you can construct additional missiles, but aiming may still be difficult.

Colony prices
Colony Position Quaza Zenite Aluma Fuel Rods Detonite
1 2400 3 2 6 3 8
2 9100 6 6 4 1 1
3 14200 6 4 6 4 2
4 19300 6 6 4 1 4
5 28200 6 2 2 6 2
6 32300 4 7 5 2 4
7 42500 4 6 7 1 3
8 48300 6 6 6 1 8
9 50400 4 4 8 2 6
10 60400 4 4 9 1 6
Terrorpod components
Component Position Manufacture cost Purchase cost Aluma price
Left arm 4400 100 100 6
Right arm 15200 300 200 6
Left leg 34600 100 100 5
Right leg 45640 300 300 7
Neck 48880 500 400 8
Cockpit 61800 500 500 9

Commodore 64

The objective is to destroy all terrorpods on the map.

  • Q/A: Move forward/back
  • P = Load detonate into missile
  • M = map
  • B = take detonite/fuel. Approach a given colony installation, then press B until it is all collected.
  • Z = Flip
  • L = Launch
  • Space = shield
  • W = weapon toggle
  • R = rebuild

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