Tethe'alla is the name of a world in Tales of Symphonia, a Namco Action RPG. It is basically a mixed-up crazy world parallel to Sylvarant. Whereas many denizens of Sylvarant are despondent and impoverished, Tethe'alla (Teh-Thay-Ah-Luh) is largely bountiful and brimming with mana. The largest city in Tethe'alla is the city of Meltokio.

Tethe'alla is also home to the characters Sheena Fujibayasha, Regal Bryant, Presea Combatir and Zelos Wilder.

Cities in Tethe'alla

  • Meltokio
  • Sybek
  • Mizuho
  • Ozette
  • Flanoir
  • Altamira
  • Heimdall

Other Places

  • Houses of Guidance
  • Fooji Mountains
  • Tethe'alla Bridge
  • Toize Valley Mine

Summon Spirit Temples & Seals

  • Temple of Earth
  • Temple of Ice
  • Temple of Lightning
  • Temple of Darkness

Way back in the olden days, Mithos Yggdrasil split the existing world in twain. Sylvarant is one half, and Tethe'alla the other. Since the Mana Tree was destroyed, both worlds are forced to vie for the same, small, trickling supply of mana.

It was established by Mithos and his thugs that the worlds would take turns gorging in mana. When one world is in ascension, the other is in decline. The ritual of the chosen is intended to shift this balance, bringing the declining world closer to the remains of the Mana Tree, and thus tipping the scale in an endless cycle.

Tales of Symphonia takes place as the ritual of the chosen, through Colette Brunel, is intended to bring Sylvarant back into prosperity at the cost of Tethe'alla's. However when she and her friends learn of the weird mana-competition system and the whole chosen conspiracy, they decide to bring it down instead.

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