Tetris Splash, a recent addition to the long series of Tetris games, was published by Microsoft Game Studios for the Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Arcade. It is the first game produced by Tetris Online.

The game gets its name from the aquarium background and water-themed music. The game opens with the title Tetris Online (the company that developed Tetris Splash), and it is followed by the title "Tetris Splash." Tetris Splash was released on the Xbox Live Arcade on October 3, 2007.


The game is typical Tetris gameplay, with support for up to six players in online multiplayer, and up to four
T splash 1


players in same-machine multiplayer. Multiplayer includes team play as well (i.e. 3 teams of 2, designated "Red", "Green" and "Blue" teams.) Gameplay follows the trend of rewarding T-Spins, but also adds a new element of combos, where multiple consecutive pieces each clear lines with no "non-line clearing"
T splash 2
pieces in between.[1]

Game modes

There are several game modes available.

Single player

  • Marathon: Similar to Classic Tetris gameplay. However, unlike some others this marathon mode is finite.
  • 40 Lines: Clear 40 lines as fast as possible.


  • Same machine: Up to four players. Last survivor wins.
  • Online ranked: Six player free-for-all, playing for TrueSkill ranking.
  • Online unranked: Allows customization, including Team Mode, in which teams play against each other, instead of free-for-all.


The game also includes an aquarium screensaver, which the user can personalize. Initially, the game comes with the option to make the tank a fresh water or salt water tank. Only two types of fish come with the main game: goldfish (for the fresh water tank) and clownfish (for the salt water tank).

On first day of release, nine downloadable fish bundles were offered for 50 Microsoft Points each ($0.62 USD), which included Marine Angelfish, Guppy, Triggerfish, Tetra, Tang, Discus, Butterflyfish, Arowana, and Angelfish to add to the tank. Four decor packs were also offered for 150 Microsoft Points each ($1.87 USD), which included a Scuba theme, a Pirate theme, a Graveyard theme, and an Atlantis theme, to add objects to the tank.

Production notes

The title was designed by Roger Dean.

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