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The Adventures of Gilligan's Island is a game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game is based on the TV series of the same name.


The player controls the Skipper and is followed around by Gilligan, who is controlled by the computer. The game has four episodes where the player had to wander around the island, collecting various objects, speaking with the other castaways and solving various puzzles.

As is the case with Mickey Mousecapade, the computer's control of Gilligan is often a source of frustration. Frequently getting stuck in things, the player has to cut him free each time, or rescue him if he falls down one of many holes. Luckily, the game has a password feature for each level.


This game has been considered one of the worst games ever made because of the A.I., mostly because the Gilligan character is always falling down holes. However, it could easily be argued that the "bad behavior" of the A.I. Gilligan was representative of the way the character was always fouling the castaways rescue attempts on the show on which the game is based.

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