The Bible Game is a Christian-themed party game developed by Crave Entertainment. It is aimed at Christians and is "family-friendly". There are a variety of trivia questions related to the Old Testament. The main two modes are "TV Game Show" and "Challenge Games". The latter lets you choose any minigame.

In the Game Boy Advance version players explore different maps searching for demons. When the player finds one, they must hit the demon with their Bible. At this point the demon challenges you to Bible trivia in exchange for a piece of key (which opens the end level destination, the church).

This game features music from Toby McKeehan and other Christian artists.


Sites like have given the game an average rating on the console versions IGN GameSpot, the only major problem being that the mini-games (based on events in the Bible itself) have no connection to the Bible stories. However, it is arguable that the minigames have a connection to the Bible and its stories, but isn't as connected as other games. The only 2 exceptions are the games "7 days" and "Leap of Faith". The games were considered great for children to play, but would turn-off the older, more religious gamers.GameSpot Review

The Game Boy Advance version was rated poor IGN GameSpot due to the game aimed at children, yet having hard questions that most children would not know about. Also the levels had scrolls with answers, but they can only be used once and can't be referenced later. The game lacked a battery save and had load times which are normally uncommon with Game Boy games.

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