The Broken Hourglass is a real-time CRPG under development for multiple platforms by new developers, Planewalker Games.


The Broken Hourglass is a role-playing game, inspired by Baldur's Gate 2.[2] The game will be based in the fictional "Tolmiran Empire", a new Byzantine-inspired fantasy world populated by humans, elves, and a strange race called the Illuminated.[3] The Broken Hourglass will feature a real-time combat system (you will also be able to pause when things get busy or hectic), unlimited party options, party-to-party interactions, and an energy-managing magic system, all delivered in an isometric perspective.[4]


The city of Mal Nassrin is under siege: it has been sealed off from the outside world by a magical force field of indeterminate source. Panic begins to spread, and worse yet, the city's water supply has been reduced to nothing but a trickle. After a devastating explosion levels a large portion of the city, the player assumes the role of an ordinary citizen attempting to get to the bottom of these strange events before Mal Nassrin collapses into complete chaos.[5]


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