The Byelormorye Dam is the first level in GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64. It is located in Arkangelsk.

Mission Information

  • Secret Agent: James Bond
  • Mission 1: Arkangelsk
  • Part i: Dam


  • Bungee jump from the platform (Agent+)
  • Neutralize all alarms (Secret Agent+)
  • Install covert modem (00 Agent+)
  • Intercept backup data (00 Agent+)


MI6 has confirmed the existence of a secret chemical warfare facility at the Byelormorye dam, USSR. It's heavily guarded location and workings are a cause for major concern. Nerve gas produced there has been turning up in the hands of hostile regimes around the world and deals with international terrorists have been rumoured. This facility should be destroyed with extreme prejudice.

M Briefing

The area around the dam is well defended against full scale military attack but a lone agent stands a much better chance. The easiest way to gain entrance to the weapons factory will be to get down the face of the dam.

Q had an idea about that.

Q Branch

Information concerning shipping and contacts is stored on a computer system in a secret ops room within the dam. With this covert modem connected to their satellite link we can intercept the data when a backup is carried out.

As for getting down the dam, use the bungee rope. At the bottom of the jump, use the piton gun, simple.


"Hardly a lover's leap, James. Be careful though, I hate to think of you falling for anyone else."

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