Car List

This is a list of the cars, their ratings in different categories, along with a brief description and other information. Rankings for acceleration, handling, and wall sliding* are from 1-5 (5 being the best). Speed is in miles per hour (mph) and time is in seconds (s).

  • Wall sliding is a ranking of how well a car can slide against walls without losing speed. (It might sound like a stupid category but it's important).


Acceleration: 2.5 Handling: 5 Wall Sliding*(see above if you don't know what this is):4 0-60mph: 3.3s 0-100mph: 9.7s Highest Recorded Speed without boost/with boost: 130mph/141mph

This is a pretty good car, especially for beginners. Even though the acceleration is the lowest of the non-special vehicles, it's not at all slow, but don't expect to win speed courses with it.

Sports Coupe (Medium)

Acceleration: 3 Handling: 3.5 Wall Sliding: 3.5 0-60mph: 2.8s 0-100mph: 7.9s Highest Recorded Speed without boost/with boost: 134mph/141mph

This is a very good middle ground car. Its about halfway in most areas, but much more slippery than the Supermini.

Saloon (Medium)

Acceleration: 2.5 Handling: 3 Wall Sliding: 3.5 0-60mph: 3.0s 0-100mph: 7.3s Highest Recorded Speed without boost/with boost: 131mph/141mph

This car's braking is unresponsive and the handling is overly stiff. It also refuses to slide through turns. However, if you don't like to slide through turns, and would rather make a gradual turn and hit the wall, this car would be your choice because the wall sliding is pretty decent, and the road grip is excellent. For those who hate slippery handling, this luxury car would be your choice.

Muscle (Hard)

Acceleration: 5 Handling: 3 Wall Sliding: 3 0-60mph: 2.2s 0-100mph: 5.6s Highest Recorded Speed without boost/with boost: 135mph/149mph

Don't be afraid of the "hard" rating, its not so bad. The braking is very responsive and even though the handling is very slippery, it can be controlled with practice. This is a VERY FAST car and IMO is the best car in the game.

Pickup (Hard)

Acceleration: 3.5 Handling: 4.5 Wall Sliding: 3.5 0-60mph: 3.2s 0-100mph: 7.3s Highest Recorded Speed without boost/with boost: 130mph/141mph

Surprisingly excellent handling, with easily controlled sliding, this car is quite a pickup. Its high suspension gives it a small advantage in the rough terrain. However, the top speed is surprisingly low for a hard rated car, giving it a speed disadvantage on straightaways.

Roadster** (Medium)

Acceleration: 3.5 Handling: 3.5 Wall Sliding: 4.5 0-60mph: 2.9s 0-100mph: 7.3s Highest Recorded Speed without boost/with boost: 133mph/141mph

The best of the Medium cars, the Roadster has excellent wall sliding but is a tad slippery. This is a really great car.

Saloon GT** (Hard)

Acceleration: 4 Handling: 4 Wall Sliding: 1.5 0-60mph: 3.0s 0-100mph: 7.6s Highest Recorded Speed without boost/with boost: 135mph/149mph

This is quite an improvement from the regular Saloon, and the stiff handling became much more responsive as did the braking. Its top speed is tied for the best, but avoid excessive wall contact at all costs, because it will nearly STOP your car sometimes.

Tow Truck** (Special)

Acceleration: 0 Handling: 2.5 Wall Sliding: 3 0-60mph: 4.9s 0-100mph: 13.0s Highest Recorded Speed without boost/with boost: 134mph/143mph

The special cars are not for racing, only for fun. This Truck is very slow (I had to go below the limit to rate this one's acceleration) but it can plow into cars (sometimes head on) and it will not always be counted as a crash, it will just slow you down. You can also crush your opponents but this will likely give you an accident as well.

Bus** (Special)

Acceleration: 1 Handling: 2 Wall Sliding: 3 0-60mph: 4.5s 0-100mph: 11.3s Highest Recorded Speed without boost/with boost: 125mph/141mph

Same as the tow truck, but it's a little faster and a little harder to turn. I think this is much better than the tow truck overall (even though its top speed is lower).

    • These cars are locked and must be opened in Face Off Mode.

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