The Chosen of Mana is a term from the game Tales of Symphonia. It is the title given to whoever was born with the Cruxis Crystal in their hands. This means that the angels have chosen them to someday go on a journey and regenerate the world, saving it from poverty and the oppression of the evil Desians. They are also known as The Chosen One. The very first chosen was named Spiritua. To regenerate the world, The Chosen of Mana are to unlock four elemental seals inside four elemental temples, and then head to the Tower of Salvation.

The Chosen One in Sylvarant is Colette Brunel. The Chosen One in Tethe'alla is Zelos Wilder. Most of the Chosen ones fail. Whether they are defeated and killed while in the process of unlocking the seals. They make it to the Tower of Salvation but die there when the Angels attempt to transfer Martel's soul into their body. If they die, the world is not regenerated, and everyone must wait for a new chosen to be born. The dead chosen body is left in Tower of Salvation, circling it forever.

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