The City of Sails is a dangerous place, a port city filled with pirates and bloodthirsty thugs. It straddles the mouth of the icy river Mirar and stands as the gateway to the mineral wealth of Mirabar.

Luskan is ostensibly rules by five high captains: Taerl, Baram, Kurth, Suljack, and Rethnor. However, it us suspected that the real power in Luskan is wielded by the Arcane brotherhood from their island tower.

The seafearing merchants of Luskan have always been fierce, proud and warlike. Over their long history they have feuded with the inland city of Mirabar, the coastal city of Neverwinter, and the island realm of Ruathym. Even today, they sponsor pirates who prey on ships and ports up and down the Sword Coast. They also trrade with Amn, Calimshan, and many other towns that prefer not to be associated with them, but will meet them on the neutral ground of off-shore Mintarn.

The Mirar River divides the city into two major parts. The northern section is a walled enclave, consisting almost entirely of warehouses. The southern half of the city is much older. Outlying walled caravan compounds surround this heavily fortified section of the city.

There are three bridges that connect the two halves of the city. They are the Harbor Cross, Dalath's Span, and the Upstream Span. Five major island crowd the mouth of the Mirar, and the three closest to the south bank are developed. The major areas within Luskan are the Captain's Close, the Harbor District, the Mirabar District, the Reach and the Spans.

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