The world was not always as it is now. There was a time before time, when the land was shaped by the will of the creator races. These were not gods, but the power and magic they wielded was greater than anything seen since. For ages they ruled unchallenged, but at the time of the great cooling a new threat emerged. The new races, the lesser beasts that would become you and I, had grown in confidence and power and began asserting themselves on the land.

One of the creator races - their name is now lost to the wastes, and let it never be found or spoken again - turned its awesome power to conquest, and brought forth the great warrior machines. They were fearsome to behold, and there was no doubt as to their intent; they were the Doombringers, and they would unleash devastating power upon the world. The young races should have been trampled underfoot, but fate intervened.

The masters of the Doombringers had seen their empire pushed to the edges of the Realms, past the peaks of what would become the Spine of the World. They huddled in the lonely mountains, waiting for their old glory to return. But this race had upset the greater balance with their war machines, taking away the very life force of the earth around them. They did not heed the groaning of the stone until their great halls and vaults fell around them and closed them under the earth.

Entombed, the Creators could not mind their Doombringers, now standing idle before the forces that would destroy them; the lesser races, the earliest of us but noy yet us. They were as ants beneath the giants, but they slowly brought them down. It was victory, but it was only the inattention of the masters that allowed it. They would not stay buried. The threat would surely come again and all lived in fear... until the forgetting.

Song and tale have passed the legends of the earliest times, but much has been lost of how we gained our foothold among giants. All we really know is that now we are the masters, the creators of things grand and beautiful, and whatever came before is gone. There are ants beneath our feet that we think nothing of... but it is best to remember that we were once as they, and above us were being greater than we shall ever be. Let us be mindful, and not look away, lest our own Doombringers fall.

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