Duplication Glitch (Xbox 360)

You must have at least three of the same scroll, for example Flare or Summon Scamp, then you go to your journal (B) and find the three or more same scrolls, then you press A twice at the bundle of scrolls, and finally you find an item you want more of and simply drop it (X). Then you'll have as many of that item, as you have of a certain scroll.

  • Note that this won't work on every item in the game, but most.

Complete the Game in 90 minutes

This is a lengthy glitch and will require some work, with the use of the Duplication Glitch, this glitch can be don much faster. You will need to have around fifty Paint Brushes.

As soon as you have escaped the sewers, it would be advisable to get fifty of the same scroll, then duplicate it and finally, duplicate a paint brush. This might take 20 minutes to raise the funds to get enough scrolls. Paint brushes can easily be found in crates. When this is done and you have at least fifty paint brushes, go to Kvatch (main quest) and close the Oblivion gate. When this is done, you can enter Kvatch. Clear out all enemies in front of the Chapel, then you must find Martin (future emperor) and take him to the Temple of One in the Imperial City. When at the temple, you must make a staircase with the paint brushes (they hover in the air), then you must make it as high that you can jump on the roof of the temple. When this is done, you'll fall through the roof and into the temple, which is now "bugged". Look around and you'll find a door lowered into the ground. Enter this door.

When you enter the door, you'll be inside the temple, only that the temple is not bugged, then you must leave the temple and wait for 24 hours. Now, Martin will tell you that there is a way to stop the enemy forces, and he'll enter the temple through the main door, follow him. After this, the game will freeze you, and you'll watch as Martin defeats the enemy. And then, then you can enjoy your quick victory.

Cheat Codes (PC)

Press the tilde key on QWERTY keyboards (the key at the left side of the number 1) to open the console, enter the code and press Enter.

Code Effect
tgm Toggle god mode (unlimited health, magicka and fatigue; also unlimited encumburance)
tcl Toggle clipping (lets you fly through walls)
modpcaX Modify player character attribute, i.e. "modpca speed 15"
modpcsX Modify player character skill, i.e. "modpcs blade 15"
kill\killall Kills selected NPC/creature / kills all nonquest npc/creatures in that cell
 tfc Toggle free flying camera
resurrect Revives selected NPC/creature
movetoqt Teleports you to your current quest target
lockX Locks selected door/chest with specified lock level (1 = very easy lock; 100 = requires a key)
tm Toggle HUD
player.additem X Y Adds item "X" Y times to player inventory, for item codes see here

Item Codes

Item Code Item
0000000f Gold piece
0000000a Lockpick
0000000c Repair hammer


Duplicate items

This should only work in the unpatched version of the game. With this bug, most items in your possession can be duped as many times as you want. Follow these instructions to do so:

  1. Get a bow and arrows and equip them.
  2. Nock the arrow and hold the mouse button down.
  3. Without letting go of the mouse button, enter the inventory.
  4. You can now let go. Try to unequip the arrows. You will get a message that you cannot unequip them.
  5. Drop the item you want to duplicate.
  6. Exit the inventory. The item you wanted to duplicate should now be that many times lying in front of you as there are arrows you have equipped.

Note: If it doesn't work with weapons or armor, sell it to a merchant and buy it back. It should work then.

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