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The Electric Company: Word Fun is a game released for the Intellivision. It is loosely based on the Children's Television Workshop show of the same name. It was re-released by INTV Corporation as Word Fun, without the television show license.


Word Fun features three different word based educational games. The games are:

Crosswords: This game is similar to Scrabble. Each player is given seven letters from which they need to form words on the game board. On each turn the player can create words either horizontally or vertically, and must use one (or more) of the existing letters on the board. Points are earned depending on the word created, and at the end of 20 turns the player with the most points wins!

Letter Hunt: In this game each player controls a monkey in a letter forest. Each monkey must collect letters from the forest to spell three words within the given time limit. When both monkeys are complete, points are awarded for the words spelled and the highest score wins!

Word Rockets: In this game the players control a rocket capable of collecting and shooting vowels upwards. On the top of the screen, various words which are missing vowels will float by and each player needs to try to fire an appropriate vowel into the empty space. The first player who can complete 50 words wins!


This game is unusable on the Intellivision II.

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