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The Game Creators Limited is a British software company formed through a partnership between Lee Bamber and Rick Vanner in 1999[2], located in Lancashire, England, United Kingdom. The company was formerly known as DarkBASIC Software Limited.

The company primarily develops game development tools for the PC[3]. Some of the products they have created include DarkBASIC, its successor, DarkBASIC Professional, The 3D Gamemaker, Play Basic, DarkGDK, FPS Creator and FPS Creator X10.

The company also electronically publishes a number of other game development tools and utilities made by other parties, such as 3d modeling tools and media. In the past, they published a small number of computer games.

In 2005, The Game Creators acquired AlienCodec, a small development company. The Aliencodec product range is now distributed by The Game Creators, with the original company existing only as a wholly-owned brand of The Game Creators Ltd.[4]

Recently, the company has branched out and created a number of games for the iPhone and iPod Touch platform.[5][6]

In November 2009, The Game Creators celebrated its 10th anniversary by offering free downloadable copies of DarkBASIC Professional and a model pack for FPS Creator.


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