This haunted grove is the chief landmark in the Conyberry area. The ghost of Neverwinter Wood is actually a banshee, known as Agatha. This name is almost a certainly a corruption of the elven surname Auglatha, which means "Winterbreeze" in one of the older elven dialects. She lairs in a grove in Neverwinter Wood, northwest of Conyberry. Her haunt is at the end of a path whose entrance is marked by a strand of birch trees.

The banshee had amassed her treasure hoard by thieving in the night, slaying travelers, and pillaging old tombs and ruins. Since her wealth was stolen, she has taken to looting the Dessarin again, trying to rebuild her riches. She also seeks revenge for the theft, and so considers any adventurers fitting recipients of death.

Agatha's lair has new defenses now. Her spells enable her to charm the people of Conyberry into digging pitfall traps along the path to her lair. These servants have also been seen guarding her haunt. Other than this, Agatha does not bother the folk of Conyberry. Rather, she views them as allies. Agatha often uses her spells to bring them beasts for food in the worst winter weather. She also slaughters orcs and brigands who venture too near to the village. Folk in Conyberry regard Agatha almost affectionately as their guardian and friend. They often talk about her, and speculate on what she's up to.

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