The Great Escape is a game based on the 1963 movie The Great Escape. It was released in 2003 by UK developer Pivotal Games and developed by SCi Games (now known as Eidos) had purchased the rights for the game from MGM. The game was released on PlayStation 2, PC and Xbox. It reached No.2 in the UK charts upon release.[4]


There are four playable characters in the game each with a special ability. They include Macdonald, who can speak German to pass himself off as a guard; Hendley, who can pick pockets to get papers, keys, etc.; Hilts, who can pick locks to get into buildings; and Sedgwick, who can fix mechanical devices. Hilts is American, while the other characters are citizens of Great Britain or the British Commonwealth: Macdonald is Scottish, Hendley is American, and Sedgwick is Australian. There are 18 levels in the game, most of which have fictional tasks and attacks that did not happen in the movie.


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Cultural references

In one part of the game, you can hear the German WW2 song Lili Marleen

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