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The Great Waldo Search (known as the Great Wally Search in the UK and Australia, and 大ウォーリー検索 in Japan) is a Sega and Nintendo game released in 1992. It is based on the third Waldo book of the same name.


The pictures are slightly animated images of Waldo scenes, the player has to scroll along the long picture to survey the scape while searching for Waldo and other objects. The directional buttons control a magnifying glass and is used in order to "find" objects. Waldo's dog Woof is also in each level and by finding him the player gets to play a small bonus game to collect points while controlling Woof on a flying carpet.

The graphics of the Sega and Super Nintendo versions are vastly improved from the original Nintendo version, but the levels and gameplay remain the same.


  1. The Carpet Flyers
  2. The Underground Hunters
  3. The Battling Monks
  4. The Unfriendly Giants
  5. The Land of Waldos


Super NES


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