The Hive

Behold, the most fearsome single-celled organism in all of Paragon City.

Official NameThe Hive
Level Range45-50
Zone TypeTrial
Area0.83 square miles
Arena Access?No
Task Force
Strike Force
Hero Corp Field Analyst
Fortunata Fateweaver
Zone Events
Monster SpawnsHamidon (with Mitos), multitudes of giant Devouring Earth monsters
Hero Groups
Villain Groups* Devouring Earth
Exploration Badges* Time Bandit: 1742, 2, -3819
* Heart of the Hamidon: -4, -338, -2182
History Plaques
Connected Zones


The Hive has one purpose and one purpose only; it is the home of the Hamidon, founder, father, and leader of the Devouring Earth. He, or it, lies at the center of this zone in all his giant gooey glory. The rest of the zone is populated by gigantic Devouring Earth monsters, any one of which could pose a threat to a team. Up in the sky, super-swarms of insects patrol that can rip apart any flier that tries to sneak by. Therefore, it's recommended to come into this zone with either very good stealth powers, or a very, very large group of friends. Hamidon takes dozens of heroes to defeat, and those who succeed can earn special "Hami-O" enhancements.

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