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  • AthletesFoot: fire trail
  • BHUD: turn Incredi-Meter on/off
  • BoaPlace: easier game
  • BwTheMovie: slow motion
  • Dandruff: launch shrapnel
  • DanielTheFlash: super speed Incredi-Power while running
  • DashLikes: temporarily unlimited boosting time (Dash)
  • DeEvolve: small head mode
  • DiscoRules: some objects flash different colours
  • Einsteinium: big head mode
  • EMode: brightness/bright colours
  • Flexible: temporarily unlimited Incredi-Points (Mrs. Incredible)
  • GazerBeam: shoot beams temporarily
  • GilgenDash: Dash not hurt when running into objects
  • Hi: introduction sequence
  • ILIEMIAOW: unlock entire game
  • InvertCameraX: horizontal camera control switched
  • InvertCameraY: vertical camera control switched
  • InvertTurret: reverse turrets
  • Kronos: super punch
  • LaBombe: bomb colour changes
  • McTravis: running and ramming Incredi-Power
  • PinkSlip: health remains constant (not invincibility)
  • RotAIDalg: battle mode
  • SassMode: faster game
  • Showtime: temporarily unlimited Incredi-Points (Mr. Incredible)
  • SmartBomb: destroy all nearby enemies and items
  • SpringBreak: level select
  • TheDudeAbides: deactivate all active codes
  • TonyLoaf: temporarily unlimited Incredi-Points (Violet)
  • UUDDLRLRBAS: refill health 25%
  • YourNameInLights: credits sequence

PlayStation 2

To get cheats in The Incredibles, simply go to the start menu, go to secrets and enter the following codes:

KRONOS = One hit kills

GAZERBEAM = Shoot lasers from your eyes

SMARTBOMB = Blow up everything you can see

SASSMODE = Speed up the gameplay

UUDDLRLRBAS = Replenish 25% of your health

BOAPLACE = Makes game easier

EMODE = Bright colours

Please note that not all cheats will necessarily work on your game.

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