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The Journal of Sir Karathis Ironheart

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May the celestial armies rain fire upon mine enemy, Alhelor! Alhelor the Werewolf, Alhelor the Alpha Male... I have hunted him for years and with a simple bite, he has turned me into the very thing I hate! No doubt he hides beneath his merchant guise even now...

As the lycanthropic blood coursed through me, I lashed out at the poor boys and thereby spread this horror all the more. One, at least, escaped my maddened lunge. Ander, the smallest. I can only hope that he makes it back to town and tells his tale to Neurik. Surely the priest will send a hunting party after me. I can only hope they are capable of killing me before I spread this dreaded curse any further.

May the gods have mercy on my soul...

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