The Kore Gang[1] is a video game originally created by Zoink Games and developed for the Wii by SnapDragon Games.[2]

History Edit

The game was released in 2010, after almost 10 years of development and a troubled history.

The project was originally conceived by designer Klaus Lyngeled who worked at Shiny Entertainment at the time. Lyngeled quit his job at Shiny and returned to his homeland of Sweden to found his own company, Zoink Games, and work full-time on this project.

Zoink teamed up with Swedish developer Unique Development Studios and began to develop "The Kore Gang" for Xbox. In 2003, CDV obtained the publishing rights,[3] but had to cancel the project mid-way due to cash flow problems.[4]

In 2006, independent production house Games Foundation obtained a license from Zoink to develop the game for the Wii[5] and signed developer SnapDragon Games for the task.[6] Publisher Pixonauts ultimately obtained the publishing rights[7] for the Wii version and the game was released on 11. August 2010 in Germany through distributor Flashpoint.

The PAL version is multi-language and contains English, German, French and Spanish voices-overs.

Visuals Edit

The game has a "very Psychonauts feel and look"[8] but is also influenced by Tim Burton and Oddworld.

Story Edit

The story revolves around the characters Pixie, Madboy and the dog Rex. They must use the robotic Kore suit to stop the evil Krank brothers that started an "outvasion from inner space" to conquer Earth.[9]

Gameplay & Features Edit

The Kore Gang is a jump-and-run action adventure game. It stands out for its quirky humor and off-the-wall character design. The unique feature of the game is that you can switch between the three characters at any time, and thus can utilize their individual abilities to solve puzzles and quests.

Reception Edit

The game has received mostly favorable reviews. [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21]


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