The Last Outpost is a 3D action, space based top-down video game being developed by Refulgent Games. The game will be made available for the Xbox 360 and PC in late 2010.[1]


The gameplay in The last Outpost is reminiscent of older arcade games, relying heavily on high scores and getting as far as you can through the game's stages with many enemies on the screen at once. The aim is to defend your Outpost from the enemy over twenty six stages or until you are defeated.[2]


The Last Outpost takes place in the year 2074, a not to distant future that has seen numerous leaps in technology when it comes to space travel. A united planet has left the once fruitful Earth in search for new materials to fund its own planets continuing advancement and growth. Along the way, Earth's explorers have conquered and populated multiple planets and turned them into their own, and yet, after all this time Earth's settlements and travels have yet to ever meet any other beings or anything even remotely alive. Earth and its inhabitants are about to find out the hard way that they're no longer alone.[1]

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