The city of Neverwinter was originally founded by Lord Halueth Never. This great lord was laid to rest, so local tavern tales swear, on a huge slab of stone encircled by a ring of naked swords laid with their points radiating outward. These magic blades animate to attack all intruders if the precise instructions graven in cryptic verses on the flagstones are not followed.

Today Neverwinter is ruled by Lord Nasher Alagondar, an amiable and balding warrior who keeps his city firmly in the Lords' Alliance. Lord Nasher has laid many intrigues and magical preparations against attacks from Neverwinter's warlock rival town, Luskan. Nasher doesn't allow maps of the city to be made. This is to keep the spies of Luskan busy and add a minor measure of difficulty to any Luskanite invasion plans.

The royal badge of the city is a white swirl - a sideways "M," with points to the right. It connects three white snowflakes; each flake is different, but all are encircled by silver and blue halos.

Lord Nasher is always accompanies by his bodyguard, the Neverwinter Nine. These warriors are entrusted with the many magic items Nasher accumulated over a very successful decade of adventuring.