The following is a list of characters in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.


Adult Link

Adult Link

Young Link

Young Link

Link is the main character of the game, living in Kokiri Forest. He has been brought up as a Kokiri child by the Great Deku Tree, however, he doesn't have a fairy like the other Kokiri as he is a Hylian child left by his mother in an attempt to save him. At the start of the game the Great Deku Tree gives Link a fairy called Navi who is his helpful companion throughout the game and gives plenty of hints and tips throughout. Link's first adventure is inside the Deku Tree when it is cursed by Ganondorf and he has to kill the parasite that has infested itself in the heart of the tree.


Child and adult Zelda


Sheik (Zelda's disguise)

Princess Zelda first meets Link when he sneaks into the castle grounds to find her after defeating Gohma. Zelda predicted Link was coming after she saw him in a symbolic dream and saw that Ganondorf was up to no good. She then sends him on a quest to find all three spiritual stones to help protect the Triforce that Ganon is after. When Link is on his way to start the quest, Ganon attacks the castle, leaving Zelda and Impa to flee the castle on horseback. When they pass Link, Zelda throws the Ocarina into the moat beside him for him to recover, and when he touches it, she appears in a vision and teaches Link the Song of Time.


Navi the fairy

Navi is a fairy given to Link by the Deku Tree for his first adventure Inside the Deku Tree. Throughout the game she helps Link by pointing out clues he may miss, hovering above suspicious objects in game and is used for Z targeting nearby enemies and people. Though reluctant at first to give help she soon becomes great friends with Link and the two become a great duo.



Saria is a kokiri who lives next door to Link as a child, she gives him his first Ocarina when he leaves the forest on his quest to Hyrule. Later on she can be found in the Sacred Forest Meadow and Link can learn Saria's Song which allows him to speak to her wherever he is. After clearing the Forest Temple and defeating Phantom Ganon, Link discovers that Saria is the Sage of Forest and gives him the Forest Medallion.



Ganondorf is the main antagonist in Ocarina of Time. He wants to obtain all three spiritual stones to get to the Sacred Realm where the Triforce is, getting the Triforce would greatly increase his power so he can use it for evil. The first stone is the forest stone which he tries to take from the Deku Tree and when he is refused it he curses the tree. The stone is then given to Link after he has destroyed Gohma even though he doesn't understand the purpose of it until later on in the game. Ganondorf then moves on to try and get the Goron's Ruby from Darunia by filling their food source, Dodongo's Cavern, with evil creatures and sealing the entrances in the hope that Darunia with surrender the stone in return for their food to avoid starvation. The third and final stone, the Zora's Sapphire, is kept by Princess Ruto and in an effort to obtain this, Ganon infects Jabu-Jabu with parasites to try and steal the stone from Princess Ruto.


Link and Epona

Epona is Link's horse who can be found at the start of the game in Lon Lon Ranch being cared for by Malon, she is a timid foal and will only approach Link when he has learnt Epona's song. When Link returns in the future, Epona is now a fully grown mare but the ranch has been taken over by Ingo, the ranch's caretaker, who thinks that Epona is an untamable and challenges Link to a race and puts her as the prize. To win Epona, Link must beat Ingo two times in a race and when he does Ingo keeps his promise to let Link keep Epona but traps him inside the ranch so he can't leave. Link and Epona manage to escape by jumping over the fence into Hyrule field. After this Link can then call for Epona anywhere in Hyrule field and she will appear.


Young Princess Ruto

Princess Ruto is King Zora's daughter and lives in Zora's domain. She has possession of the Zora's Sapphire which Link must obtain on his quest to save Hyrule, Ruto has been given the stone by her mother who told her to give it to the man she will marry one day. As the Princess, it is Ruto's duty to feed Lord Jabu-Jabu each day. One day when she is swallowed by Jabu-Jabu she loses the Zora's Sapphire and notices a large amount of monsters inside his belly, noticing this only because she has been exploring inside Jabu-Jabu's stomach since she was a small child, sending a plea for help with a message in a bottle which Link finds at the bottom of Lake Hylia.


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