The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a popular speedrunning game, split into numerous categories. Typically, the Japanese version (normally on a Nintendo 64 console, or on Wii Virtual Console) is used, as the text is rendered significantly faster due to the nature of the Japanese language.


  • Wrong warp - Manipulating warps to unintentionally teleport to a specific stage in the game, typically Ganon's Castle.
  • Savewarping - Saving and quitting to return to either Link's House or the Temple of Time, in order to save time.


  • Any% - Reach the credits, no restrictions.
  • 100% - Reach the credits with:
    • 20 hearts
    • All songs learnt
    • All 100 Golden Skulltulas collected.
    • All items
    • All wallet upgrades
    • All equipment
    • All spiritual stones and medallions
    • The Gerudo Card and Stone of Agony collected.
    • Double Defense and Double Magic obtained.
  • All Dungeons - Reach the credits with all spiritual stones and medallions.
  • MST - Reach the credits with:
    • All spiritual stones and medallions
    • The Ganon's Castle barrier destroyed.
    • No item manipulation
  • No IM/WW - Reach the credits without item manipulation or wrong warp.
  • Glitchless - Reach the credits with several restrictions. See here for a detailed list. (click "show rules")
  • Ganonless - Reach the credits without defeating Ganon.

World records

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