A brief overview of the characters from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker


Link, also known as the Hero of Wind is the main protagonist in the game. He lives on Outset Island with his sister, Aryll, and Grandmom. After his sister gets captured due to the carelessness of Tetra and her pirate crew, he attempts to rescue her at the Forsaken Fortress. In a failed attempted, he gets shot across the Great Sea and lands on the shore of Windfall Island, it is there he meets the King of Red Lions and will do whatever it takes to rescue his sister. After becoming the conductor of Wind Waker and helping out both Dragon Roost Island, Forest Haven, and finding Jabun, he receives the three spiritual pearls and ventures into the Tower of the Gods. Eventually he unsheathes the Master Sword and has brings life back to the past Hyrule, unleashing the hidden evil. Eventually, he rescues his sisters and finds the temple sages, and finds all pieces of the triforce and confronts Ganondorf and ultimately defeats him in combat.

Tetra is the leader of a pirate crew that has been at war with the Helmaroc King from Forsaken Fortress. She was captured by the bird and dropped over a mountain-top area on Outset Island, in which Link goes and "rescues" her. Link wants to go with them to Forsaken Fortress, which she (after swift persuasion from a member of the Rito tribe) agrees to but only if he can find something to defend himself with. After finding a ceremonial shield in their house, Link and Tetra ride her boat, and after a plan backfires, Link winds up deserted in Forsaken Fortress by himself. Being able to communicate through the pendant she snuck in Link's, Tetra apologizes for the inconvenience. Tetra is eventually revealed to be Princess Zelda and the jewely around her neck is actually a piece of the Triforce and she is commanded by King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule to remain hidden underneath a statue.

King of Red Lions
Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule

The King of Red Lions is a mysterious talking boat that rescued Link after he was thrown from Forsaken Fortress. Unfortunately, he cannot leave Windfall Island until he has a sail. He directs Link for a majority of the game giving him hints and helpful advice. He also tells Link that he is the commander of the Wind Waker. He is able to speak other languages, being able to understand Valoo and Jabun. Eventually, he reveals his true self, King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule. After Link's battle with Ganondorf, the kingdom floods, Link and Tetra are entrapped in a bubble and ascend to the surface and he warns them not to repeat the same mistakes he has and wishes them good luck in their future. Link reaches his hand out to the King, and the King hesitantly extends his hand out, but it falls back down and he passes away.


Medli is a member of the Rito tribe. She befriends Link as soon as he gets to Dragon Roost Island. Medli is very protective of Prince Komali. She was the most recent Rito to receive her wings. Her grandmother was an attendant to Valoo, and after she died, Medli was to take over her role. Valoo started becoming restless, and in an attempt to calm him down, Medli traveled to the top of the volcano, getting locked up in a cage. Link rescues her, and she gives him the weapon of their people, the Hook shot. After defeating Valoo, Medli thanks Link for saving her. Later in the game, Medli can be seen practicing her harp and if Link plays the Earth God's Lyric, she collapses, and when she awakens, she knows her purpose is to be the Earth Sage. Once they get to the Earth Temple, Link and Medli work together to solve puzzles, and they manage to defeat the boss. Medli remains in the temple for the rest of the game, praying to the Gods.


Makar is a Korok that lives in Forest Haven. When Link first arrives at Forest Haven and stops the ChuChu from attacking the Great Deku Tree, they attempt to start a ceremony, when one of the other Kokiri children fly in, yelling that Makar has wandered off into the Forbidden Woods. Link manages to find and rescue Makar, and in return, he tells him he'll play "extra hard" for the ceremony. Later in the game, Makar is practicing his violin in a hidden cave in a waterfall on Forest Haven, he thinks no one can hear him practice, but Link tells him everyone within earshot can hear it. If Link plays the Wind God's Aria, Makar transforms into a boy, similar looking to Link. Makar then realizes he is supposed to be the Wind Sage. Once they get to the Wind Temple, Link and Makar work together and solve puzzles, and they manage to defeat the boss. Makar remains in the temple for the rest of the game, praying to the Gods.


Ganondorf is the main antagonist in the game. He is of Gerudo descent. He controls the Helmaroc King and attempts to take-over Hyrule by capturing girls that have long ears (such as the ones on Aryll and Princess Zelda). Link eventually defeats the Helmaroc King and confronts Ganondorf, only to fail, as his Master Sword has lost it's power to repel evil. Tetra infiltrates his abode overlooking Forsaken Fortress and interrupts the confrontation, but he manages to grab hold of her, and accidently uncovers the hidden Triforce symbol on her hand. Some of the Rito tribe manage to save Link and Tetra as the great dragon Valoo burns Ganondorf's cabin to a crisp, him disappearing in the process. While Link searches to restore the power to repel evil to his Master Sword, Ganondorf attempts to find the remaining triforce pieces. Once Link restores power to the Triforce, they return to Hyrule Castle, only for Ganondorf to capture Zelda and take her to his tower. After the battle with Link, the Triforce comes together, and Ganondorf attempts to make a wish, however is drowned out by the King. The waters start flooding the area, and Link manages to stab Ganondorf in the head, turning him to stone and killing him, his body drifting in the endless sea.

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