Ordona Province


  • Bottle
  • Slingshot
  • Wooden Sword

As the story begins, ranch hand Link is preparing to take his first journey to Hyrule Castle to offer a gift from Ordon Village. Before he can leave, though, he must complete a few jobs, collect some items, and master a handful of fighting techniques.

  1. You'll need your steed, Epona, to aid Fado the goat herder. Epona is at the forest spring to the north with village girl Ilia. When you reach the water, pluck a reed from the ground and use it to whistle for Epona. Mount the horse and ride into town.


Frog Fishing Lure

To unlock the Frog Fishing Lure for the Fishing Hole, you must beat all eight levels of Roal Goal, a game found in the owner's establishment. To play it, simply look at it in first person using the C button.

The game requires 5 rupees a play and you win 10 rupees for each round, and the frog lure for the eighth. (If you run short before you manage to get the lure, mowing the tall grass just outside (still in the fishing hole area) offers around 60 rupees.)

Lure description: The must-have lure for bass.

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