The Leone mafia family is a fictional mafia family in the Grand Theft Auto entertainment franchise. The family is controlled by Salvatore Leone from at least 1992 to 2001, who got his position as head of the family during a mob war in the 1980s, when his unknown-named brother was killed. The Leone family becomes the top mafia organization in Liberty City sometime in 1998, and was possibly the top mafia organization by 1992, but it is debatable. The Leone mafia family completely wipes out the other two Liberty City mafia families by 2001, and seems to have died out the same year, when Salvatore Leone was assassinated while leaving Luigi's Sex Club Seven.

Bosses Under Bosses Capos Mademen Soldiers Associates
Salvatore Leone, 1992 Boss Antonio Cipriani, 2001 Possible Under Boss Antonio Cipriani, 1998 Capo

Vincenzo Cilli, 1998 Capo

Luigi Goterelli, 1998 Mademan Joey Leone, 1992 Mechanic

8-Ball, 1998 Weapons Dealer

Claude, 2001 Soldier

Carl Johnson, 1992 Soldier

Mike, 1992 Soldier

Ray, 1998 Soldier

Lou Scannon, 1998 Soldier

Mickey Hamfists, 1998 Enforcer

Curly Bob, 2001 Bartender

Miles O'Donovan, 1998 Mayor

Philip Cassidy, 1998 Weapons Dealer

Uncle Leone, 1998 Sicilian Boss Massimo Torini, 1998 Sicilian Under Boss
Leone Brother, 1980s Possible Boss

Operations & Assets

Criminal Activities:
Prostitution, gambling, unions, protection, money laundering, loan-sharking, auto theft, corruption, drug involement, illegly importing tomatoe sauce, the restaurante business, murder, etc.

Palermo, Sicily - Originated in Palermo, Sicily and has associations with the Sicilian mafia.

Saint Mark's, Portland District; Liberty City - Home territory and money laundering -
Salvatore's Gentelmens' Club (Salvatore Leone's Mansion):
Home territory of the crime family; used as a safe place to talk about criminal operations. It is the home of Salvatore Leone and it is known that Salvatore holds family meetings here.
Tomato Sauce Business [own by Salvatore Leone]:
Imports tomatoe sauce from Palermo, Sicily; mainly used to have a legitimate association with his capo, Antonio Cipriani; who buys tomatoe sauce from him. Also, the tomatoe sauce business is a legitimate source of income.
Momma Cipriani's Restaurant (owned by Antonio Cipriani):
Antonio uses his mother's restaurant to have a legitimate association with his boss, Salvatore Leone; who sells Sicilian tomato sauce to him. Could be used for laundering dirty money. Also is a legitimate source of income.

Red Light District, Portland; Liberty City - Prostitution and money laundering -
Sex Club Seven (owned by Luigi Goterelli, co-owner Mickey Hamfists):
Used as a brothel and to launder dirty money; also a legitimate source of income. Salvatore Leone and Joey Leone are known to visit the strip club frequently.

Trenton District, Portland; Liberty City - Chop shop activity -
Joey's Garage (owned by Joey Leone):
Used as a chop shop and to discuss criminal operations.

The Strip, Las Venturas; San Andreas state - Illegally skimming money from a casino -
Caligula's Palace Casino (controlled by the Sindacco family): Salvatore Leone loses his operations in the casino.

Popularity and Media

In 2001, a movie called Badfellas was released with a image of boss Salvatore Leone's face displayed on the cover.

Momma Cipriani's Restaurante, (opened since 1968) owned by capo Antonio Cipriani, is known in Liberty City to serve the best Sicilian food. Margat's Food Guide says, "the place will make you feel like you're in a mafia flick. And rightly so; they're all crazy!" Wayne Koff of Liberty Tree ad sales dept says, "Momma's is a real dining treasure, one of the last of its kind."

Sex Club Seven, a exotic dance club; is said to have the best trance music. Salvatore and Joey Leone are known to visit the club frequently, and are known to protect owner Luigi Goterelli.

In April, 2001; Salvatore Leone walks free from charges of tax evasion, being the fifth time he had been taken to court for charges that never stick. Salvatore commented to reporters, "I am just a business man from Sicily. I had made a few mistakes, and perhaps I have not followed the law by the letter, but I have always believed in its spirit. The police associate me with my brother, but I never do these things they blame me for."


There is a war in the 1980s within the Leone mafia family. It is thought that Salvatore Leone may have been at war with his brother, but this is not proven. It is known that Salvatore's brother was killed and that after his death Salvatore became head of the Leone mafia family.


Salvatore Leone (boss of the Leone family) has a sit-down with under boss Johnny Sindacco (of the Sindacco family), located on Leone home territory (Salvatore's Mansion); where Johnny suggests that Salvatore Leone should invest 5 million dollars in Caligula's Palace Casino in Las Venturas, then the Leone family could get a cut of the profits. Salvatore then tells Johnny to get rid of Mickey (presumably Sindacco) who runs the casino, that way the mafia families could control the business through their own middle man. The Sindaccos come to an agreement; Mickey is shot and buried in the desert in Las Venturas; and the families use Ken Rosenburg (an old Forelli associate) as their middle man. All three major mafia families of Liberty City [the Sindacco family, the Leone family, and the Forelli family] invest in Caligula's Palace Casino, all agreeing to split the profits three ways. It is possible that the Sindacco family was attempting to unite the three families.


Antonio Cipriani of the Leone family murders a mademan. As a way to protect his family and as a way to prevent any retaliation from the mafia families; Toni Cipriani goes into hiding for 4 years.


Salvatore Leone [with his bodyguard Mike] uses Ken Rosenburg, who is now operating Caligula's Palace Casino for the three major mafia families of Liberty City; but Ken does no real importance, other than serving as a middle man for the three mafia families. The Forelli family attempts to murder Johnny Sindacco [under boss of the Sindacco family] to get the Sindacco family's cut of the casino [2/3 of the casino profits]; but fail. Because the Forelli family is left with no profits from the casino business because of their attempt to kill Johnny Sindacco, the Forellis try murdering Salvatore Leone as a last chance to get a piece of a pie. Salvatore somehow learns of the hit on his life, so he decides to send soldier Carl Johnson to intercept the flight from Liberty City to Las Venturas that is holding the Forelli hitmen; successfully killing senior Forelli members.

Salvatore Leone sends soldier Carl Johnson on a plane from Las Venturas to Portland, Liberty City; to kill a high rank mafioso of the Forelli family believed to the current Forelli boss [thought to be Marco Forelli or Gorgio Forelli]. The hit is performed in Saint Marco's Bistro; it is revenge against the Forelli family for trying to kill Salvatore Leone for a bigger cut in the Las Venturas casino business. Salvatore also orders the death of Ken Rosenburg, likely for being a Forelli traitor [back stabbing Sonny Forelli in 1986], but Carl [who is responsible to committ the hit] allows Rosenburg to go into hiding.

Caligula's Palace Casino is robbed by Carl Johnson, making Salvatore Leone angered. The Leone mafia family is believed to have left Las Venturas after having been robbed millions of dollars out of the casino. Salvatore Leone goes back to Liberty City.


Antonio Cipriani of the Leone mafia family returns to Liberty City after having killed a made man years back. The Leone family is in the middle of a mob war between the Forelli family and the Sindacco family. After Toni's return, Cipriani murders the current Leone capo Vincenzo "Vinnie" Cilli for being disrespectful and for operating behind Salvatore's back.


Don Salvatore Leone is almost killed a few times in the mob war of 1998, but is protected by Antonio Cipriani of the Leone family. At one time, Sal ditrusts Toni Cipriani; but seems to realize Toni is respectful and loyal. Salvatore rids away the Forelli family's main source of political power, the Liberty City mayor; Toni Cipriani guns down Mayor Roger C. Hole.

Don Salvatore Leone is placed in jail; Antonio Cipriani acting as his lawyer. The current mayor Miles O'Donovan [corruped by the Forelli family] was responsible for sending Salvatore to jail, blaming most of Liberty City's crime because of Sal Leone; the mayor had probably went after the Leone family because the Forelli family had probably ordered it. After Salvatore had got sent to jail, Toni Cipriani had murdered Don Paulie Sindacco and possibly Don Franco Forelli. The Sindacco family was eliminated by the Leone family.

Antonio Cipriani becomes capo of the Leone mafia family. Before the mob war of 1998 ends, Salvatore Leone and Antonio Cipriani kill Massimo Torini; for being responsible of starting the bloodshed between the mafia families. Knowing that the Sicilian mafia was the reason behind the war, Salvatore arranges a sit-down with his old Sicilian mafioso uncle to make peace. The Leone family is the strongest criminal organization in Liberty City by this time, completely taking out all the Sindaccos and seriously weakening the Forellis. Salvatore Leone manages to gain Liberty City Miles O'Donovan as political power.

April, 2001

Don Salvatore Leone is found innocent of charges of tax evasion for 450 thousand dollars of undeclared income. He is found guilty of illegally importing tomato sauce from Palermo, Sicily without a license, and is fined. Perhaps he was found not guilty due to his political connection, Liberty City Mayor Miles O'Donovan.

October, 2001

Capo Antonio Cipriani introduces associate Claude to Don Salvatore Leone while in a Leone family meeting. Salvatore gives Claude a job as a chauffeur, and eventually tells him to spy on associate Curly Bob [a bartender for a Leone front, the Sex Club Seven]. Claude realizes Curly Bob is an informant for the Colombian Cartel and a SPANK junkie, so he murders him.

Claude kills Mike Forelli (suspected boss of the Forelli Brothers) under the orders of Joey Leone (Salvatore's son) and other members of the Forelli Brothers are murdered, ending the Forelli family's reign in Liberty City.

The Colombian Cartel becomes a problem for the Leone family, so Salvatore Leone orders soldier Claude to destroy the cartel's main source of income, blowing up a ship [where the Colombians produce their new drug SPANK] at the Portland Harbor in Liberty City. When the ship is destroyed, Salvatore tells Claude to pick up a car that has someone's brains all over the interior and to get rid of it; explaining that Claude will be a made man after this. Claude learns that the car is rigged with a bomb (Salvatore offering Claude's death as a peace offering to the Colombians); Claude later assassinates Don Salvatore Leone. It is unknown if the Leone family is still functional after Salvatore's death, but capo Antonio Cipriani would likely succeed to be the next boss, assuming Joey Leone (Salvatore's son) doesn't want to take the position.

Family Structure


"Sal" Salvatore Leone:
Salvatore Leone is the boss of the Leone crime family since the 1980s, and all of his family's operations in Liberty City. He imports tomatoes from Palermo, Sicily; in which he sells them to Mamma's Restaurante, owned by his capo Antonio Cipriani. This gives him a legitimate association with capo Toni Cipriani. Salvatore and his son, Joey Leone; visit Sex Club Seven [where they probablly launder dirty money] on regular basis, and are known to protect the club owner Luigi Goterelli [a mademan]. Salvatore also own a mansion, serving as a "gentelmen's club;" where he occasionally holds meeting with his crime family. Sal has once tried operating with the Sindacco family and the Forelli family in the Las Venturas casino business in 1992, investing 5 million dollars in Caligula's Palace Casino [loctated on the Strip in Las Venturas; where all three families would take an equal share of the casino's skimmed money. Salvatore took the Leone family out of the Las Venuras operations, after it had been robbed for millions of dollars. In 1998, Salvatore Leone ordered capo Antonio Cipriani to kill both boss Paulie Sindacco [of the Sindacco family] and boss Franco Forelli [of the Forelli family]; while he had been in jail facing charges of corruption. The killings are carried out, and Salvatore Leone's charges are later dropped, due to connections linked to Mayor Miles O'Donovan of Liberty City. In 2001, Salvatore Leone is sent to court for tax evasion, but the charges are dropped; being the fifth time he had went to court and had walked free. Salvatore Leone is assassinated in 2001 as he was leaving Sex Club Seven.
Uncle Leone:
While not a part of the Leone crime family in Liberty City, and it is unknown what Uncle Leone's name is; it is known that he is the uncle of Salvatore Leone [whose origins go back to Palermo, Sicily] and it is known that Uncle Leone seemingly controls a large portion of the Sicilian mafia. Uncle Leone is responsible for causing a mob war between the three Liberty City mafia families in 1998, representing the Sicilian mafia through capo Massimo Torini; trying to squeeze in on Liberty City's criminal operations. After Massimo Torini is killed by Leone capo Antonio Cipriani for his involvement in the 1998 mob war; Uncle Leone makes peace with his nephew, Salvatore Leone, to avoid further more bloodshed.
Brother Leone:
While not a part of the Leone crime family in Liberty City, and it is unknown what Brother Leone's name is; it is known that he is the brother of Salvatore Leone [whose origins go back to Palermo, Sicily] and it is known that Brother Leone seemingly was a part of the Sicilian mafia. After Brother Leone died in the mid 1980s during a power struggle within the Leone family, Salvatore Leone became the head of the Leone crime family. It is thought that Brother Leone was the original boss of the Leones, until his death; but this is not proven.


Antonio "Toni" Cipriani:
Antonio Cipriani owns his mother's restaurante [Mamma's Restaurante] in Portland, Liberty City. It is considered to serve the best Sicilian food in the city. The restaurante business helps him keep a legitimate association with his boss Salvatore Leone; who he buys Sicilian tomatoes from. Antonio is constantlly being nagged by his mother, who believes he is not a man like his father once was. In 1994, Antonio Cipriai [who is not a capo yet] murders a mademan; in order to protect his family and to prevent any retaliation, Cipriani goes into hiding for four years. In 1998, Antonio Cipriani returns to Liberty City. He becomes involved with the mob war of 1998, seriously weakening the Forellis and the Sindaccos. Eventually, Antonio Cipriani is moved up to capo. He ends the 1998 mob war when he kills boss Paulie Sindacco [of the Sindacco family] and boss Franco Forelli [of the Forelli family. He also murders capo Massimo Torini of the Sicilian mafia. Antonio Cipriani can be credited for having strengthened the Leone family considerably in 1998; completely taking out the Sindacco family in Liberty City and for making connections with Mayor Miles O'Donovan of Liberty City. In 2001, Toni is much more fat, and is the only known Leone capo up to this date. He may be the Leone family's unofficial under boss. His loyalty to the Leone family is undoubted.
Massimo Torini:
Massimo Torini is a capo in the Sicilian mafia. He is an old school mafioso, known to murder people with his bare hands. It would appear he works under or along side Uncle Leone [another old school Sicilian mafioso]. In 1998, Massimo Torini [with Uncle Leone] tries to expand the Sicilian mafia in Liberty City; by encouraging small gangs to take out the Liberty City mafia. When the mob war of 1998 started between the three Liberty City mafia families, the Sicilians figured they would simply wait for the opposing families to wipe each other out, then they would just take the territory. However, Massimo Torini is gunned down by Leone soldier Antonio Cipriani; so the Sicilians back off from Liberty City.
"Vinnie" Vincenzo Cilli:
Vincenzo was a former 1998 capo of the Leone crime family. Vincenzo was promoted as capo sometime between 1994 to 1998, acting as boss Salvatore Leone's righthand; but is untrust worthy and is fairly smart. He is known to have been involved in the drug trade without the boss having any knowlledge of this. Because of his disrespect toward made man Antonio Cipriani and his involvement in certain business operations without the boss's approval; Antonio Cipriani murders Vincenzo Cilli.


Luigi "the Snake" Goterelli:
Having been a made man since at least 1998 to 2001, Luigi Goterelli is mainly a pimp who legally owns an exotic dance club called Sex Club Seven; where he runs his brothel from. The club is known to have the greatest trance music. Luigi's boss Salvatore Leone and associate Joey Leone visit the club occasionally, believed to use it for laundering dirt money. Luigi Goterelli is known to be protected by Salvatore Leone and Joey Leone. Luigi has gone on trial several times for illegally running a prostitution ring, but he has never been convicted for anything.


Joey Leone:
Joey Leone, despite being the son of boss Salvatore Leone, is not a made member. Joey Leone and his father [the boss of the family] are known to visit Sex Club Seven regularly, possibly using the club to launder dirty money. Sex Club Seven's owner, Luigui Goterelli a made man; is protected by the Joey and Salvatore. Joey Leone owns a garage in Liberty City, which he uses it as a chop shop. Soldiers of the Leone crime family seem to usually go through Joey Leone for work, before working up the ranks. Joey Leone has worked with soldiers Carl Johnson and Claude in the past, usually for small errands, theft auto, and even murder. In 2001, Joey Leone ordered the death of Mike Forelli [who is the last suspect Forelli boss]. Mike Forelli was killed in an explosion, from a bomb that was planted in his car.
Carl Johnson:
The Leone crime family is known to have enlisted soldiers who have become top criminals; Carl Johnson is no exception. He had worked for the Leone family in 1992, working under Joey Leone; which Carl had boosted cars for in Liberty City. In 1995, Carl Johnson had moved to the state of San Andreas after his mother had been killed in a driveby. Las Venturas, San Andreas; Carl starts to work for boss Salvatore Leone [having worked for his son]; who he mostly commits murder for, killing Forelli mademen. Later in 1995, Carl Johnson [supported by the Triads] successfully robs Caligula's Palace Casino [which is controlled by the three mafia families of Liberty City] for millions of dollars; making enemies with the Leone family. Carl Johnson would eventually become San Andreas' top criminal, expanding his crime family [the Grove Street families] all over Los Santos, in San Fierro, and in Las Venturas.
The Leone crime family is known to have enlisted soldiers who have become top criminals; Claude is no exception. He had been known for committing a string of robberies from the state of San Andreas to Liberty City, since 1992 to 2001. Claude had been partners with known criminal Catalina [who had been robbing banks with him since 1992], but in 2001; Claude was shot by Catalina and left for dead in Liberty City. Claude then began working for the Leone family; working for made man Luigi Goterelli, Joey Leone, capo Antonio Cipriani, and eventually boss Salvatore Leone. He helps run Luigi's brothel operation at Sex Club Seven, he murders Mike Forelli [last suspected Forelli boss] under the orders of Joey Leone, he participates in small gang wars for Toni Cipriani, and he serves as a chauffer and enforcer for Salvatore Leone. Eventually, [after having destroyed the Columbian Cartel's main drug operations] Salvatore Leone promised Claude a spot in the family as a made man, but was really considering to kill him as a peace offering to the Columbians. Claude learns of this, later assassinating Salvatore as he left Sex Club Seven. Claude would become the top criminal of Liberty City in 2001.
Mickey Hamfists:
Mickey Hamfists is a soldier of the Leone crime family, and is the co-owner of Sex Club Seven, along with owner Luigi Goterelli [made man]. He is Luigi Goterelli's bodyguard. Mickey Hamfists isn't very smart, and seems to be an enforcer for the Leone family. He is responsible for murdering Sindacco stoolpigeon Joseph Daniel O'Toole in 1998, who had once been the co-owner of the club [originally Paulie's Revue Bar]. After Joseph Daniel O'Toole's death, Paulie's Revue Bar [once Sindacco controlled] became Sex Club Seven [now Leone controlled]. By 2001, Mickey has prior convictions for assault, racketeering, and various narcotics convictions.
Mike is known to be boss Salvatore Leone's bodyguard in 1992, up until at least 1995. He is present in 1992 when Salvatore Leone has a sit-down with under boss Johnny Sindacco [of the Sindacco family] in Salvatore's Mansion in Liberty City. He is also present in 1995 when Salvatore Leone was illegally controlling Caligula's Palace Casino in Las Venturas. He is always standing along Salvatore's side, serving as an obvious bodyguard.
Lou Scannon:
Not much is known about Lou Scannon, other than he lives in Liberty City. He is a soldier of the Leone family in 1998.
Not much is known about Ray, other than he is discussed briefly amongst capo Vincenzo Cilli and Antonio Cipriani in 1998.

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